STEVE CORREIA is the founder of CorreiaSpeaks, a speaking and coaching consultancy that aspires to help humans become compelling communicators. When you adopt a growth mindset, increase your empathy and openness towards others, and learn how to exercise your communication muscles, you become a better human. Period. And we could use more better humans in the world today.

A professional computer geek since 1992 who has played many technical roles in numerous industries, Steve has also taught college-level communication classes, led marriage and parent classes, refereed ice hockey, and performed as a cast member of the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Steve will leverage his diverse background to present Thursday’s keynote “Become a Geek Who Can Speak”.

Geeks are committed to their chosen craft. They are critical to identifying, diagnosing, and solving problems in all areas of life. No matter the type, style, or task, geeks have one thing in common: They usually suck at communicating to people outside their universe. How can geeks stop insulting their clients? How can geeks leave their non-geek clients delighted instead of deflated?  And what if you’re that geek? Buckle up for an energizing, entertaining, and enlightening keynote that will show you how changing your mindset and increasing your communication competence will allow your geek-ness to shine without crushing your client’s soul.


KRISTY BIDWILL, founder of Game Time Coaching, speaker, coach, and author will take you through her six-year journey of self-discovery captured in her book, Becoming Unstoppable: Tools to Elevate Your Game. During Friday’s keynote she will inspire and empower you by revealing the tools that led her to living intentionally and ultimately, a life she dreamed.

She will take you through the adversity of breaking her back to nine weeks later leading a blind veteran to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, an experience that changed her perspective on the meaning of life. Kristy also dealt with the unexpected when she trained for an Ironman in 90 days without ever completing a triathlon or riding a race bike, and she used intrinsic motivators to find comfort in the uncomfortable. Kristy will draw the parallels of how these lessons translate throughout her life both professionally and personally. Through the power of purpose she will show how you can reach new levels and inspire others to do the same. You will be amazed at the ease in which you can apply Kristy’s simple lessons to take your career, company, team, and clients beyond what you ever imaged.


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